How is the score calculated?

The kennel earns points for each cavy exhibited in standard A/B/EE that it has bred, regardless of the exhibitor. A cavy can earn a maximum of 6 points from a single show organized within the SZCH from 2010 to the present based on the following categories of awards:

  • 1. BOB (-B, -J, -A): 1 point
  • 1. BOG (-B, -J, -A): 2 points
  • 1. BIS (A, B, ...)*: 3 points
  • 2. BOG (-B, -J, -A): 0 points
  • 2. BIS (A, B, ...): 0 points
All rankings are sorted by score from highest to lowest (2nd place BIS and BOG are not counted). In case of a tie, the number of awards is evaluated in the following order: BIS1, BOG1, BOB1, BIS2, BOG2 . If the tie persists, the tied entries are alphabetically sorted at the same rank (the next rank is skipped). Over time, you will find the statistics for each year in the submenu.

Most Successful Kennels (TOP30)
For achievements attained at Slovak shows

#Kennel NameBreeder Score
1.PascaleEva Bednárová (SK)Email Web Facebook Instagram144
2.Cavy de LunearLucia Kaššová (SK)Email Facebook 77
3.ParakasIvana Jelínková (CZ)Email Facebook 67
4.Del KateePhDr. Edita Svobodová (CZ)Email 61
5.Cavia Bohemia 55
6.Micky 53
7.AndyMarMgr. Bc. Andrea Kroftová (CZ)Email Web Facebook 49
8.Green GardenMgr. Ivana Gulánová (SK)Email Web Facebook Instagram47
9.Cornelia CaviaRNDr. Kornélia Petrovičová, PhD. (SK) Facebook 40
10.RainbowTereza Chudá (CZ)Email 39
11.Povraznícky opálIng. Alena Mikulinová (SK)Email Web 38
12.Liwelo StarJaroslava Kladivová (CZ)Email Facebook 37
13.Hairy monsterMatej Polačik (SK)Email Facebook 36
14.Cavia Secret 35
15.IsobellDana Daňhová (CZ)Email Facebook 29
16.GalathilionMarek Kopča (SK)Email Web Facebook 26
17.DiorDaniel Dawid Banasiak (PL)Email Web Facebook Instagram24
18.Borská MorčinaMiroslava Ondříčková (CZ)Email Facebook 23
19.Michelle´s piggiesPhDr. Mgr. Michaela Lietavová, PhD. (SK)Email Facebook 23
20.Morčátka od FloriánkyMgr. Květoslava Gabrhelová (CZ)Email Web Facebook 19
21.SaxabaraIng. Dana Drašnarová (CZ)Email Facebook 16
22.DominoKristýna Arazimová (CZ)Email Web Facebook 15
23.Sweet FergieZuzana Halamová (CZ)Email Web Facebook 14
24.Happy Guinea PigNikol Maretková (CZ) 14
25.Cavia AniaMgr. Anna Prikrtová (CZ)Email Facebook 14
26.PrincesTomáš Kmenta (CZ)Email Facebook 13
27.DIAMOND CAVIESŠtefan & Tomáš Szabó (SK)Email Facebook 13
28.NickolaPavlína Kolářová (CZ)Email Facebook Instagram12
29.WestminsterIng. Petr Tejml, Ph.D. (CZ)Email Web Facebook Instagram12 GrandeLenka Fuksová (CZ)Email Facebook Instagram12

Most Successful Cavies (TOP30)
For achievements attained at Slovak shows

1.Chiara Del KateePhDr. Edita Svobodová (CZ)del katee30
2.Isobell Walkie TalkieDana Daňhová (CZ)isobell21
3.Ugo ParakasIvana Jelínková (CZ)parakas18
4.Raul Cavy De LunearLucia Kaššová (SK)cavy de lunear14
5.Bunka PascaleEva Bednárová (SK)pascale12
5.Dominica DominoKristýna Arazimová (CZ)domino12
5.Momo DiorDaniel Dawid Banasiak (PL)dior12
5.Nathalia Hairy MonsterMatej Polačik (SK)hairy monster12
5.Winona Wei Cavy De LunearLucia Kaššová (SK)cavy de lunear12
10.Dorothea Cornelia CaviaRNDr. Kornélia Petrovičová, PhD. (SK)cornelia cavia12
10.Ulrika AndymarMgr. Bc. Andrea Kroftová (CZ)andymar12
12.Corrado Del Este Cavy De LunearLucia Kaššová (SK)cavy de lunear10
13.Unity PascaleEva Bednárová (SK)pascale9
13.Vicky Green GardenMgr. Ivana Gulánová (SK)green garden9
15.Cider AndymarMgr. Bc. Andrea Kroftová (CZ)andymar9
15.Michelle's Piggies FelixPhDr. Mgr. Michaela Lietavová, PhD. (SK)michelle's piggies9
15.Mr. Bombastic SaxabaraIng. Dana Drašnarová (CZ)saxabara9
15.Shaan GalathilionMarek Kopča (SK)galathilion9
15.Zannah Cavia Bohemiacavia bohemia9
20.Cs De Loullekes Black Blakecs de loullekes9
21.Arwen Undomiel Happy Guinea PigNikol Maretková (CZ)happy guinea pig8
21.Britta Cavy De LunearLucia Kaššová (SK)cavy de lunear8
21.Chattien Del KateePhDr. Edita Svobodová (CZ)del katee8
21.Chnyavo PascaleEva Bednárová (SK)pascale8
21.Crystal ParakasIvana Jelínková (CZ)parakas8
21.Ria Mala Labkamala labka8
21.Willi Wonka ParakasIvana Jelínková (CZ)parakas8
28.Ymany From Mickymicky8
29.Frenzy PrincesTomáš Kmenta (CZ)princes8
29.Space Girl Berenlustberenlust8

Most Successful Breeds
For achievements attained at Slovak shows

2.Self/ Non self224
5.English Crested158
13.American Crested43
16.Lunkarya- Peruvian13

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Data is updated as of 19.05.2024

Data has been collected since 2010 from results lists recognized by the PK morčiat SZCH. Incomplete lists that did not contain all the data on registered and awarded cavies or where awards were incorrectly assigned were not included in the evaluation.

Data is displayed by default without diacritics and the original capitalization. The breeder's name and other data are displayed with the breeder's consent in accordance with GDPR. If you do not want your name and surname displayed, or if you want to add them, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The breeder must be aware that website visitors can take a screenshot and subsequently share the tables on the internet. Such shared information is no longer the responsibility of /.eu.